Since 1939, the Monkland Tennis Club has occupied a unique place in the Montreal Tennis landscape. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality tennis facilities and programs for serious and recreational tennis players of all ages.

We are also committed to catering to our members’ evolving needs, through a variety of social activities and through such amenities as a heated swimming pool and a clubhouse offering restaurant and bar services.

We welcome old members and new, families and singles, in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages the optimal enjoyment of the Monkland

Here is the 2022 Board of Directors. For any questions regarding a specific portfolio please contact the following: 

Board of Directors 2022
  • President -Geneviève Perron
  • Treasurer – Charles Sioufi
  • Secretary – Jane MacGregor 
  • Courts & Grounds – Marc Trudel 
  • Communications – Anthony Turcotte
  • Tennis Adults – George Loutochin
  • Tennis Juniors – Jonathan Gillespie 
  • Membership – Line St-Amour
  • Social – Suzanne Bienvenu
  • Infrastructure Projects- Jean Jeannot
  • Bar & Kitchen – Hilary Jackson
Advisory Committee 2021
  • William Easterbrook
  • Sarah Dougherty
  • Sue Harrison
  • Norm Hartenstein
  • Denis Pairault
  • Joan Stadelman
  • Crichton Wilson
  • Elisabeth Laett
  • Sandy Milroy
  • Geneviève Perron
Creation of Courts Limited
In 1946, the Monkland Tennis Club was still renting the grounds from the Protestant Board of School Commissioners. (Learn more about Monkland tennis history.) To ensure the future of the club, a decision was made to buy the property. To do this, a new entity–Courts Limited–was incorporated. Courts still owns the property.
Why Have a Courts Limited?

Courts was created to ensure the long-term viability of the tennis club. It is made up of shareholders who act like trustees. Courts is not involved in day-to-day tennis club operations.  

Shareholders tend to hold their shares for many years. This provides continuity through changes to the board of the club. Courts is a repository of knowledge about the club and its operations that the club can draw on.

Workings of Courts Limited
Courts is a corporation with 15 shareholders. They are successors of the original 15 shareholders from 1946. Courts also has a board of directors made up of five of the shareholders. The shareholders are long-time tennis club members who have contributed to the club in various ways.

When a shareholder passes away, moves away or resigns, a replacement is chosen by the other shareholders by consensus.

To be chosen as a shareholder, a person must:

  • a) have given significant volunteer services to the club by, for example, serving on the board of directors
  • b) be dedicated to ensuring the future of the club and have an understanding of the role of Courts Limited in this regard
  • c) be available to attend meetings
  • d) have expertise or experience that complements other shareholders of Courts Limited
  • e) contribute to being representative of the diversity of the club’s membership
Relationship Between Courts Limited and the Monkland Tennis Club

Under a lease, Courts rents the property to the club for a nominal yearly rent. The club is responsible for maintenance and other expenses, such as insurance and taxes. The club is also responsible for management of the tennis operations. Courts has the right to approve all physical changes to the premises.

The lease says what would happen if the property were ever expropriated or had to be sold for some reason. First, every effort must be made to relocate. If that effort failed, each member of the club who meets criteria in the club’s constitution, and each shareholder of Courts, would share in the proceeds of expropriation or sale after all debts are paid. Each person would only get one share.

With the club operating successfully for over 75 years, this clause is, to say the least, very hypothetical.

Courts Limited Shareholders

Courts Limited Shareholders

Courts currently has 12 shareholders and a board of directors made up of five shareholders.

  • Sarah Dougherty
  • Sue Harrison
  • Norm Hartenstein
  • Serge Machabée
  • Paul-André Mathieu
  • Sandy Milroy
  • Gary Naves
  • Denis Pairault
  • Joan Stadelman
  • Marc Villeneuve
  • Isabelle Wehrli
  • Crichton Wilson


Board of directors for Courts Limited

  • Norm Hartenstein (President)
  • Paul-André  Mathieu (secretary)
  • Joan Stadelman (Treasurer)
  • Sarah Dougherty
  • Marc Villeneuve

It is with great thrill and anticipation that I gladly accepted to manage the MTC starting this season.

Coming from a hospitality background, I will ensure that your time spent off the courts is both enjoyable and fun. We have some great ideas when it comes to the food and beverage offerings as well as activities that will no doubt make you want to spend time at the Club.

From tennis to social, competitive to casual, our aim this year is to offer as much programming as safely possible. Creating memories day in and day out for our membership is what makes this place so much fun and I look  forward to delivering on that.

Here’s to an incredible 2022 season where everyone can find some fun at MTC!

For all club matters and inquiries, feel free to reach out at anytime.

Michel Garnier
General Manager

A secret oasis in the heart of NDG, the Monkland Tennis Club was established in 1939 and has been an important part of the Montreal community as well as the Canadian tennis scene for over 80 years. Our Champions boards read like a who’s who of Canadian tennis history.